DIY ideas to customize your kitchen utensils

This is probably my favorite DIY selection for the kitchen. I love all those DIY ideas to revamp your kitchen utensils. 

And I can’t tell you how much easy it is to do them. What you need the most ? Your creativity (a little bit of paint or contact paper might also help). I absolutely love the DIY paint dipped kitchen spoons and the color gradient !

Vincent really loves the wooden spoons customized by Craft Berry Bush, the one with the little painted black hearts. He is a romantic. On my side, I’m totally banana (yes, I also say that) of the glittered spoons of Something Turquoise. I almost want to get married again so I could offer them as guest favors !

1. DIY hand painted wooden spoons by Craft Berry Bush
2. Tonal painted spoons by Kate’s Creative Space
3. DIY faux marble kitchen utensils by A Joyful Riot
4. DIY macramed spoon handle by Jojotastic
5. DIY glittered wooden spoons by Something Turquoise
6. DIY kitchen utensils with washi tape by Mom Foodie

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