DIY headboards ideas and tutorials

Recently I have been thinking about updating our bedroom style. I thought I could start by building our own bed headboard, first, because it’s more fun but also because it’s the only way to have something really unique and with my taste.

I told my husband about the project and he was quite suspicious about the kind of headboard I would build. He also mentioned we could buy one together (that’s quite insulting for a DIY blogger !). Anyway, I promised I would come with a selection of DIY headboards of different style before starting. So he could have a say in the decision (#noway #dontcare #ichoose).

diy boho headboard

DIY boho style headboards

So at first I thought I would go for color but then I found this selection of DIY Boho style headboards. They are all beautiful but,… Oh my God. I fall in love.

diy geometric headboard

DIY geometric painted headboard ideas

So, I have been looking for inspiration and found those DIY geometric painted headboards.I really love them, this selection is very inspiring and the tutorials …

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