5 DIY hanging shelves

You’ve always wanted to build your own furniture ? DIY Shelves are ideal for a start ! That’s true, it’s actually my first DIY. It was clinking hanging wooden shelves done for my bedroom with upcycled palettes. I was 14 yo and when I see them now I realize they are absolutely horrible (but I’m a nostalgic and they are still proudly hanging in my old kid bedroom at my parent’s place. They felt one day on my brother’s wife’s head. Such a drama ! #toomuchdrama #mybroneedsnewwife).

Well, I have selected for you some ingenious and easy to reproduce tutorials to build your own DIY hanging shelves. In our selection below discover how to create unique and stylish hanging shelves using wood and rope !

I really like the second DIY hanging shelves of this. That DIY shelf is made with climbing ropes and rivets. How creative is that ? I love the modern and unique look of these shelves. Moreover, this DIY can easily be customized with another material of your choosing, leather maybe ?

1. DIY wooden hanging shelf by Carnets Parisiens
2. DIY hanging shelves done with climbing ropes by Design Sponge
3. DIY minimalist magazine rack with wood and rope by Atilio
4. DIY hanging reclaimed wood shelves by Atilio
5. DIY hanging shelves by Why Don’t You Make Me

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