6 DIY ideas to make a hanging nightstand

I’m slowly getting over this birthday party. I still have nightmares about it but it’s getting better. Now I’m 100% focus on my new DIY nightstand project. But to be honest I’m still hesitating. When searching for DIY nightstands I found those hanging nightstands and I must say they are quite unique !

Those hanging nightstands are really the kind of furniture that doesn’t go unoticed ! They really bring a crafty touch to your home. Last but not least, they all are extremely easy to do.

I’m not sure my landlord would allow me to drill a hole in the roof to fix the nightstand (#neednewlandlord) but those DIY hanging nightstands are still worth having a look at ! And I’m quite sure that every kid of the planet would love having a swing DIY nightstand !

1. DIY hanging tray nightstand by The Sorry Girls
2. DIY hanging nightstand by The Merry Thought
3. DIY rounded floating nightstand by Monsters Circus
4. DIY swing nightstand by RP Onlines
5. DIY wooden hanging nightstand by Heather Paige
6. DIY macrame hanging nightstand by Place of My Taste

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