DIY pinatas with fun shapes

When Vincent and I decided to exorcise his pinata dream by creating our own pinata I knew I had to come with the best DIY pinatas ideas and suggestions. I looked over the web for inspiration and honestly, I was immediately super excited about this pinata DIY project. It’s almost like creating your own pinata is the best medium to express your creativity.

I immediately spotted those DIY pinatas with fun shapes. They are not cool, they are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Yes I say that. I might need an exorcism too).

Rainbow pinata, popcorn or taco shaped pinatas,… selecting the best pinata to DIY is almost impossible. They are all great and are the best ideas to bring some fun in a party. My husband suggested to pick up and DIY the popcorn pinata (because he loves pop corn and thought it would be filled with it #notsmart #neednewhusband).  Which one do you prefer ?

1. DIY taco pinata by Studio DIY
2. DIY mini rainbow pinata by Tell Love and Party
3. DIY ice cream pinata by Brite and Bubbly
4. DIY popcorn pinata by Studio DIY
5. Golden star pinata by Delia Creates

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