DIY fruit pillows ideas for kids

I’ve done a selection of the best tutorials to create your own DIY fruit-shaped pillows. Honestly, all those DIYs are very well explained and let’s be honest, the result is just awesome. Moreover, some of them are really easy to create in a few hours.

All those pillows, with their fruity look, will make the perfect decor accessory to your kid’s room. They are fun and colorful, no doubt the kiddos will adore each of them !

I’m pretty sure I’ve made my mind about the DIY pillow I’ll do for my baby boy. A fox pillow. However, I had a really hard time choosing since all those DIY pillows with a fruit shape are cute and unique ! My favorite one ? The knitted pineapple pillow. A wonder ! I really wish I was a talented knitter.

1. DIY grape pillow for kids by Little Inspiration
2. DIY fruit slice pillow by Studio DIY
3. DIY pineapple pillow by Sister What
4. Another DIY pineapple pillow for kids by Little Things Blogged
5. DIY mini orange pillows by Little Inspiration

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