Stylish DIY floating nightstands

Finally, I have selected some DIY floating nightstands. I really like the idea of a floating nightstand, because it helps you to save some floor space and don’t clutter the bedroom. I live in London, so you can imagine I don’t have a 200 sqm apartment (#ido #famousblogger) !

In this selection, you can discover a lot of very creative DIY floating nightstand ideas. Built with wooden planks or even with books, those nightstands are really unique !

I also quite like the idea of using a simple shelf as a bedside table.  If you like it too, you can discover how to make a simple wall hanging shelf that can be used as a bedside table on The Merry Thought blog. I like its clean look and small notch, perfect to stall your smartphone !

1. DIY floating nightstand with built-in light by Coco Kelley
2. DIY wooden floating nightstand by Bob Vila
3. DIY minimal wooden nightstand by The Merry Thought
4. DIY floating nightstand with books by Burkatron
5. DIY floating nightstand with drawers by Jen Wood House

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