5 diy stylish fabric placemats

I really love having a nice table, especially when I invite friends for dinner. Having nice plates and cutlery is important but not enough ! Not enough at all. A nice table set up requires much more than that.

One of those vital elements is the placemat. And let me correct a stupid old belief right now : you CAN combine a placemat with a tablecloth. So I’ve started a selection of the most beautiful DIY fabric placemats.

I absolutely adore those placemats. Customized with pompom or paint or simply tied and dyed, there are many ways to DIY your own placemats. And as you can see on the last DIY styling, a fabric placemat over a white tablecloth brings a lovely boho touch !

  1. DIY speckled placemats by Homey Oh My
  2. DIY pomp pom placemats by Sugar and Charm
  3. Another DIY pom pom placemat by Rue Mag
  4. DIY dip dye placemats by Design Love Fest
  5. DIY flannel placemat by The Merry Thought

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