DIY easy and small concrete planters to make

I’m a concrete addict. I think I already mentioned that. I know it’s weird, but hey ! It could be worst. Some people have much more dangerous addictions (like Vincent to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) so in comparison, my addiction to concrete is a straightway to heaven.

Crafting my last Faux Granite Concrete Bookends DIY project gave me so much satisfaction that I decided to share with you additional and easy concrete projects. So let’s start with a selection of DIY easy small concrete planters to make ! Those DIY planters are probably the best projects to start with for a concrete beginner !

I love plants and I love those mini planters ! The first DIY from Passion Shake is ideal to start with ! I really like the different tones of concrete, it gives a very crafty effect to the planters. Super charming.

Special big up for the last DIY which is probably the most creative. Old planters and glass jars have been upcycled and turned into super trendy new vases. I absolutely adore the mix of glass and concrete. Probably one of my next DIY project (if Vincent eventually decides to listen to my ideas – message from Vincent : I will probably not) !

1. Ikea hack concrete mini planters by Passion Shake
2. DIY chic marble concrete planters by Apartment Therapy
3. DIY Modern donuts like concrete planters by PapernStich
4. DIY Old planters concrete upgrade by Monster Circus

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