How to make a DIY coaster with clay ?

I believe small things can make a big difference. One minute, let me clarify right away. I’m not talking about any serious or philosophical topic here but about DIY coasters. I mean, I can talk about a serious topic, but DIY clay coasters are my current obsession. Sorry.

I love clay because it’s super versatile and quite easy to work with. Let’s begin by a selection of DIY clay coasters. You will love those small creations which are particularly easy to reproduce !

Those DIY coasters are really my favorites over Internet. Not only they are super stylish and original but the tutorials make them really easy to reproduce.

Even though I love them all, my favs are probably the ones from The Merry Thought because of the combination of different geometric coaster shapes.  And you ?

1. DIY painted clay coasters by The Lovely Drawer
2. DIY geometric splatter coasters by The Merry Thought
3. DIY clay coasters by Something Peach
4. DIY terrazzo coasters with clay by Mollie Makes
5. DIY marble clay hexagon coasters by Homey Oh My

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