DIY clay wall hangings projects

I love to use clay for my DIY projects. Indeed, every time I try to make something with clay it’s a huge fail (#ok #untalented). But I’m not the only one. Last week, Candice had another brilliant idea and decided to make a small marble tray with clay.

She has probably worked 3 or 4 hours on it. It was such a success that we decided to throw her creation into the trash bin (#ok #reallyuntalented). Now you understand why I’ve made a selection of DIY projects instead of sharing a new tutorial.

I really love all those wall hanging DIYs. The second one found on the Alice and Lois blog is probably my fav. If you succeed to make one of them, please let us know. We really need a bit of hope right now !

1. DIY clay celestial wall hanging by Club Crafted
2. DIY clay wall hanging by Alice and Lois
3. DIY blue wall hanging by Almost Makes Perfect
4. DIY moon wall hanging with clay by Bust
5. DIY marble moon wall hanging by Be Makeful
6. DIY clay wall hanging for kids by Sostrene Grene

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