DIY baby wooden teethers

I can’t get enough of baby DIYs, I absolutely love crafting toys for my boy. First of all, when I create something instead of buying it’s a way for me to show him how much I love him, but it’s also a stratagem to get the toys I want, with nice colors and natural materials. I usually craft DIY wooden toys for him as I’m trying to avoid plastic as much as possible. It’s not always easy but it’s so much better for kids, and the planet !

If you are keen too to craft some DIY wooden toys for your baby, I totally recommend you to start with a DIY wooden teether from the selection below. DIY wooden teethers are pretty easy projects but they are also an absolute must-have with a baby ! My boy started teething at 4 months old and his wooden teether was the most important thing in his life for months ! Even my breast (I breastfed him until his 8 months) was not as attractive as his teether. How sad and offensive for a mother !

All those DIY wooden teethers are terribly cute. I really love the one from A beautiful mess because it has a crinkling layer wrapped within the two layers of fabric used for the ears. It makes sound and no need to say that baby and kids loooooove sounds (“sound” is a nice way to say noise).

The ring teether with the detachable soft star is also quite smart, you can easily detach the star and clean it in the washing machine. Honestly, everything related to babies and kids absolutely has to be washing machine friendly. Without discussion.

1. DIY wood and silicone teething toy by Burkatron
2. DIY wooden ring crinkle teether by A Beautiful Mess
3. DIY wood and crochet ring teether by The Merry Thought
4. DIY wooden ring baby teether toy by Delia Creates
5. DIY wood bead teether by Delia Creates
6. DIY wood and crochet beads teether by The Home I have made
7. DIY wooden ring and fabric bunny ear teether by Marie Claire

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