5 DIY animal pinatas for kids

After DIY fun shapes pinatas, I suggested to Vincent to make an animal like pinata. To do this, I selected the best  5 DIY animal pinata ideas in the world (I’m not exaggerating. Not at all).

First, you can discover on the Lovely Indeed blog how to create a DIY bunny pinata. If you don’t need to help a friend with a pinata dream, it’s also a lovely way to complete the decoration of your child’s birthday party.

I really love all those animal pinatas and had a crush on the DIY llama pinata. Vincent, who is a cat lady, was really fond of the third tutorial, where you can discover how to create a DIY pink kitty cat pinata.  He also liked it in pink, but you can, of course, customize your creation with the colored paper you want.

1. DIY unicorn pinata by Hello Wonderful
2. The lovely DIY bunny pinata by Lovely Indeed
3. The DIY pink kitty cat pinata by Best Friends for Frosting
4. DIY llama pinata by Oh Happy Day
5. The tiger pinata by Handmade Charlotte

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