How to make a DIY animal pillow for kids ?

If you are also looking for good ideas to create a fun pillow for your child’s room check out my selection of the most adorable DIY ideas found on the Web !

A pillow with a cat, a pink flamingo or a cute fox shape,… Honestly, the most difficult is actually to choose which one you will do ! The techniques used to create those DIY pillows are all different, so select the one you are the most at ease with !

I had a crush on the fox pillow shown in the third picture. This tutorial is in French but it is very well explained and quite comprehensive for everyone. I really like the modern shape of this pillow and I’m pretty sure my boy will like it. But even if he doesn’t I just love creating things for him anyway.

1. DIY flamingo pillow for kids by Sugar and Cloth
2. DIY flamingo pillow by Ars Textura
3. DIY fox pillow by Loicia Itrema
4. DIY cat face pillow by A Beautiful Mess
5. DIY owl and fow pillow by Lia Griffith
6. DIY black cat pillow by Oh Oh Blog

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