DIY alternative Christmas tree skirts

Christmas is coming… and I’m so excited about it ! I mean, how can you stay calm and focus when everywhere around you, the universe itself is adorned in its most beautiful finery and shines with the brightness of thousand lights (you see ? I’m getting Xmas crazy !).

Today I  just bought my Christmas tree. It’s the central piece of the Christmas decoration and deserves the best ornaments and a proper tree skirt (or tree collar). Tree skirts are often neglected which is an insane and dangerous mistake (#noexageration #danger) ! An ugly visible tree stand can ruin the look of your Xmas tree and decor. So I have selected for you the best ideas and DIY tree skirt alternatives using baskets, craft paper or metal bucket.

The easiest suggestion is to use an old wicker basket to hide the (ugly) tree stand inside. I also love the golden metallic basket and the fake fur from The Merry thought !

From stylish upcycling options to simple DIY tree skirt, you have now everything in hands to create your own DIY tree skirt and to dress up your Christmas tree ! Happy Xmas !

1. Natural basket DIY tree skirt by Broste Copenhagen
2. DIY Christmas tree skirt alternative by The Merry Thought
3. DIY tree skirt with a bucket by Hvitur Lakkris
4. DIY alternative Christmas tree skirt with a bucket by 12th and White
5. DIY Christmas tree paper collar by By Nina Holst
6. DIY alternative Christmas tree skirt with a vase by Meidan Harmoniaa

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