Colorful DIY wall planters ideas for summer

Summer is coming ! I must admit that this statement is much less impressive than the legendary ” Winter is coming” of GoT (#GoTfan #Iloveyoujonsnow) but still, I’m very excited. This made me want to keep my windows wide open and to bring my garden’s flowers and plants in.

So I selected a couple of bright and colorful DIY wall planters ideas to brighten up your place in preparation of the summer season !

I love each of those fun and fresh wall planters idea but I have my favorite. The very-summer-related Ice cream cone wall planters from Aww Sam blog.

My husband is a total ice-cream freak (like he eats ice cream all year long and weirdly enough, especially during winter) and when I showed him this DIY planter pics he even said “that’s so cool”. His average reply being “hum”, “ok” or “what did you say ?” so such an enthusiastic comment says it all !

1. DIY Ice cream cone wall planters by Aww Sam
2. DIY wall planter with vinyl placemats by A Beautiful Mess
3. Tropical DIY wall planters by Bliss Makes
4. DIY wall planter with upcycling plastic bottles by The Crafted Life

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