Can you be a blogger when you have dry and dirty hair ?

This morning I woke up as usual, with my 1-year-old wee boy screaming in the background. He is the kind of little boy who doesn’t like to wait. Like… never. Not a minute. So when he wakes up around 7AM because he is hungry … it doesn’t go unnoticed and you’d better speed up ! Don’t get me wrong, I love him like crazy but he is a lot of work !

Every morning is more or less the same fast and furious routine. I need to get him ready, which means fed, cleaned, dressed (with clean clothes and matching socks !) and be on time to drop him at the nursery. Honestly, for me, it’s like Mission impossible, except that I don’t have Tom Cruise to help me. I’ll tell you one day about my own non-Tom-Cruise husband.

The truth is … there is no way to get both of us ready on time.
It’s him or me. So it’s him, of course. Mom’s life… you know what I mean.

real life vs expectations mom illustration

So I dropped him to nursery this morning and for the first time one of the childminders asked me : “What do you do for a living ?”

Well, actually the full sentence was : “Have a good day !” then ; “Oh, by the way, I never asked you” (yes indeed you never did) and finally “what’s your job ?” (like I might deserve, or not, to have a good day based only on my socio-professional category).

So I told her I was an interior design and DIY blogger.
Long silence. Very long silence. Way too long silence actually.

She had quite a long look at me, inspecting my shapeless jeans (not even a mom’s jeans), my sweater, my dry hair, and my nails not done (don’t get Vincent to talk about my nails not done, it’s a hot topic between us). And yes, of course, my make up less morning face.

So she looked at me and she just said “oh.”
“Oh.” Come on ! What does it even mean ? Well, what I understood was that I clearly did not have the expected look.

So I asked myself, do I need to look stylish (every single minute of my life) to be a (respected) blogger ? Apparently yes, but I’ll keep thinking about that and will keep you informed !

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