Buy it or DIY ?

As a DIY blogger, I create a lot of stuff myself. Furniture, cushions, planters,… I mean a lot of stuff. Sometimes I have friends at my place (yes I have some, not the best but I have), they comment about my DIYs and they are like ‘Oh cool !’ or ‘ok…’ (ok means #notok). The question they ask me the most is why do I create those stuff instead of buying them.

And the answer is because I like to create (or because I’ve been paid for – sometimes). Seriously, what I really enjoy is to find a way to reproduce an expensive decorating product in a more affordable way. It’s really entertaining and makes me feel so proud when it’s done.

buy or diy

The whole process of creation is so relaxing. When you have an idea about something you want to make (or not, sometimes, it’s the process which is leading you), you have to focus 100% on what you’re doing. It’s one of these moments where you don’t think about your problems (and I have a lot… I work with Candice…).

Of course, sometimes, my DIYs are just complete failures… but I never feel like I have waste my time. DIY is not about the result, it’s about doing it yourself. And when people are seeing these ugly creations, as I can not say I made it, I always throw Candice under the bus (not literally, it’s a crime). I say ‘Candice made it’, and, I don’t know why, people never seem to be surprised…

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