Built in Ikea Billy bookcase hacks

I love books, I read around one book per week (mainly in the tube, when going to Vincent’s place – London is such a big city…). And I believe my books deserve a proper space to be happy. The same way house plants prosper in the sunlight, my books need a built-in bookcase.

If you do not have the budget to build a built-in bookcase at home, you can use the Billy bookcase sold by Ikea to do the trick. That’s what I’ve done some years ago (unfortunately I did not do a DIY tutorial at that time ). But if you also have a similar DIY bookcase project in mind, I have selected great Ikea Billy bookcase hacks to inspire you !

My favorite Billy Ikea hack is probably the one from A Beautiful Mess blog. You can discover in the post all the steps to make your own DIY built-in Ikea bookcase. Paint it with the color of your choice to perfectly matches with the decoration of your room. You can also change the kind of molding to make it more to your liking.

1. Built-in Ikea Billy bookcase hack by A Beautiful Mess
2. Billy bookcase hack by Just A Girl
3. Ikea Billy Bookcase Built-In Hack by Design Sixty Nine
4. Ikea Billy bookcase library hack by Remington Avenue
5. Dark grey Ikea Billy bookcase hack by Just A Girl

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