Best DIY Stools for Kids

I love kids furniture and especially little chairs and stools.  To be honest I’m quite obsessed with kids chairs and stools (my son has three stools). Maybe because I was quite shocked, as a kid, by the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and how sad it is when she breaks the baby bear’s chair (#childhooddrama #donotanalyseme).

Well, today I’ve prepared for you a selection of great DIY stools for kids. Be prepared for the cuteness overload ! Discover how to hack the Ikea Flisat stool or how to makeover an old stool with new colors !  There is also plenty of DIY ideas to turn a kid stool into a fun and cool animal !

Ikea Hack flisat kid stool makeover rainbow

Ikea Hack : The Rainbow Flisat Stool

Discover our tutorial video to make your own Ikea Flisat Stool Rainbow makeover. It’s terribly easy and quite cute, don’t you think ? I used two Ikea products for this makeover : The Ikea FLISAT Stool …

diy Ikea stool flisat makeover animal stickers kids

Flisat Ikea Stool Animal Makeovers for Kids

Ikea, I love you that much that I wish I was Sweedish (and be tall with long legs by the same occasion).  Recently I was looking for ideas to create a DIY wooden stool for my little boy …

diy stool kids ideas dotted

5 DIY stool ideas for kids

I don’t have kids yet and my partner doesn’t agree with my relevant and fully justified arguments to have one (#ineedanewpartner). The debate was more or less over until I found these absolutely …

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