Etsy Crush : Beautiful handmade cat beds

My cat is so funny, everytime I buy him a new bed, he decides to sleep in the delivery cardboard box. So funny. Like really funny. I’ve tried every kind of bed : fake fur, basket, floor mattress,… none is good enough for him. So I’ve decided to make my last move by buying something on Etsy.

I found plenty of beautiful cat beds I’m sure he will never sleep in. Anyway, I really have to buy one of those as they are so cute ! I especially love the white felted cat bed below with its lovely shape.

As I know chunky knit cat beds are also really trendy, you will find above some of the most beautiful ones found on Etsy. So which one should I choose for my funny cat ?

1. Naturel merino wool cat bed by Comme Des Moutons
2. White felted cat bed by Agnes Felt
3. Soft felt and cotton bed for cat by The Nordic Interior
4. Chunky crochet cat bed by Plaida
5. Round cat bed by Bure Bure Pets
6. Red crochet cat bed by Bored Paws
7. Crochet cat bed by Felis Manufaktura
8. Felt cat bed by Agnes Felt

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